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Q.: How long will it take between placed orders and delivery of materials?

A.: This takes approximately 5 working days when the materials are on stock are. The reason for this is because we have chosen not to keep any stocks in the Netherlands to be able to offer the products  to you at the best available prices.

Q.: What can I do if I cannot find my product of choice on the webshop?

A.: You can contact us at all times by means of writing to or by means of calling our tel. no. +31 (0) 71 7600 745. We gladly assist you further with without obligations with offers and recommendation. To keep our web shop clear and simple we did not mention all our products. We can help you however with many other products which not mentioned in the shop, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries.

Q.: What about VAT’s?

A.: When you ask us to deliver the products / invoices in the Netherlands, we are obliged to charge you the Dutch VAT’s. When you want the materials / invoices provided outside the Netherlands, we can apply the in-export regulation upon no VAT charges will be made. (company registration applicable)

Q.: How do you calculate the shipment and admin costs?

A.: We have choosen the following shipment and admin costs arrangements:

Order amount 0-350 Euro = 60 Euro shipment / admin costs

Order amount above 350 Euro = No shipment / admin costs

These additional costs on low order amounts have been based on the fact that the orders to you are directly being supplied from foreign countries, since we keep no stock in the Netherlands, with it being able to provide you with the best possible prices on the products.

Q.: Will I receive standard an invoice?

A.: Yes, you will standard receive an invoice with a 30 days payment term, but please note in some instances we may ask you to pay (partially) in advance depending whether you are a new client, the order size and your credibility which we may be check. 

Q.: Can I also cancel or return orders?

A.: This is possible, under our general terms and conditions, to which you confirm when placing an order with us. Our general conditions can be downloaded from our web page (click here)

Q.: What do I have to do in case of a defective product?

A.: At a faulty / defect product you have to apply for a RMA number with us where you clearly describe your complaint together with the purchase note of your warranted product. We will reply to your complaint ASAP to repair/replace your faulty equipment.


Can you not find your question or do you have other questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us without any further obligations through our contact page or by calling us on: +31 (0) 71 7600 745 

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